Hasa is inviting you to its slopes!

There are 4 well-lit slopes at your disposal, all occupying this fascinating terrain and ideal for outdoor activities!

Hasa offers you four diverse slopes, with one of them reserved as a snowboarding street. Hasa Slopes are located in the middle of the Juva, Rantasalmi, Puumala and Sulkava municipalities, a short drive from the nearby towns of Mikkeli and Savonlinna. So come and visit a neighbouring slope for a change.

Thanks to their daily maintenance, our slopes are always in an excellent condition.


1.Tuisku-Jaakko280 m
2.Myräkkä-Antti230 m
3. Pyry-Seppo340 m
4.Jorman mäki hill430 m
H.T-bar lift
5.Snow slide
6.Pikku-Hasan hill
8.Departure to the Green Gold hiking route