Take a break from skiing to enjoy a hot drink and a snack! Our café seats 40 customers. At the café, you can enjoy freshly baked pastries, hot chocolate, soft drinks, grilled delicacies, and a variety of snacks.

Equipment rental

We provide you with all the appropriate equipment for outdoor activities! The equipment rental offers a selection of good condition downhill skiing equipment – for adults and children alike.

Ski maintenance service

Our ski and snowboard maintenance is at your service! Our expert personnel are there to serve you in all matters relating to downhill equipment maintenance and refurbishment!


High-quality downhill skiing equipment from the Hasa Ski Shop! Our Ski Shop offers Rossignol ski equipment, plus a variety of knitted caps, gloves and other accessories.


Hasa soveltuu mainiosti kokousten, vapaamuotoisten illanistujaisten, pikkujoulujen kuin ulkoilupäivienkin pitopaikaksi.

Rooms and cabins

In addition to Hasa’s excellent cross-country skiing opportunities, high-standard cabins, which are fit for winter habitation, are available for accommodation in the vicinity of the outdoor activity area.